4 affordable phones that you won’t regret buying

“You want it all, but you want it cheap.”

If this is the motto you follow while shopping for smartphones, here is a list of four low price cell phones that have some incredible features and deliver a power-packed performance that can give higher-priced devices a run for their money.

  • Lumia 830: If you love Windows and are in too deep in its ecosystem with your laptop and Surface Pro, you may want to consider getting the Lumia 830 smartphone that will fit right in with the rest. The familiar interface and the smooth 5-inch display makes operating the device a pleasure. The Quad-Core processor coupled with a 1GB RAM makes juggling apps while multitasking easy as pie. The Lumia 830 supports inductive charging for a cable-free life.
  • iPhone 5C: This model is your best bet at getting an unlocked iPhone from among the various low price cell phones in the market. It runs Apple’s current operating system and iOS 9. The cameras and performance of this phone are as amazing as you’d expect from an Apple device. You can record 1080p videos and click 5MP photos that capture every detail of the moment accurately.
  • Huawei Honor 5X: If you’re looking for a smartphone that gives you all high-end features rolled into a reasonably-priced package, the Huawei Honor 5X is a perfect choice. While it falls well within the low price cell phones category, this device does not cut corners when it comes to giving you the full deal. From its dual SIM capacity and fingerprint reader to the seamlessly svelte 5.5-inch display that supports 1080p resolutions, this smartphone offers features that put it at par with the likes of the iPhone 6S Plus and other high-end devices. It also features a 13MP camera with five camera modes.
  • Blu R1: This one’s a real steal. The BLU R1 is packed with features that make using it an absolute delight. A 5-inch display, Quad-Core processor, and 2GB RAM are perfect for everyday usage.

These low price cell phones, with their cutting-edge features, will blow your mind without blowing a hole in your pocket. They are worth every cent.