4 Bogs boots for wet or snowy weather

Made with vulcanized rubber, Bogs boots promise to withstand ice and snow. In fact, if you need boots that look good but also protect your feet in wet, icy weather, boots from Bogs are perfect. These boots work well for a transitioning season too. You can wear these when it starts to rain until it starts to snow. The boots will keep your digits warm and free from any dampness. Your feet will not overheat in them thanks to the material used. Since these boots are waterproof, you can wear them all year around. The Bogs boots come in multiple varieties for men, women, kids, and even babies! Before you choose a wet weather boot, check these options available for the wet and cold season.

1. Johnny Chelsea Casual Boots (For Men)
These are sleek boots that are ideal for weather that brings in rain or snow. The boot is 100% waterproof and comes with moisture eliminating inner-lining. Your feet will feel warm and snug in these casual boots. The rubber sole ensures a firm grip when you are on a wet, slippery surface. The Chelsea boots are also lightweight and ensure that your feet are not dragged down. Pair it up with your best parka and brave the rain without fear!

2. Crandall Tall Boots (For Men)
These boots give you a sleek look with high performance to boot. The Crandall tall boots from Bogs has four-way stretch inner boot room meant to keep your feet warm in the cold. It is also water resistant and comes with a firm rubber grip outer sole. The Bogs Max-wick inner-lining keeps your feet dry; therefore, they are suitable for slushy weather. The Crandall boots come in sleek, no fuss style. It does not have laces or straps, making it perfect for quick wear. They are easy to maintain and are quite durable.

3. The Quinn Lace Boot (For Women)
This beautiful lace up boot will keep your feet free from water and will stay weatherproof. Made specially for the rain season, these boots come with an inner lining to keep your feet warm and dry. The lightweight rebound cushioning on the sole keeps your grip firm and springy. You can choose from four color variants and make a statement wherever you decide to go. The Quinn boots are stylish and durable, best for heavy rains and mud. Browse from different styles and choose the one that speaks best to you!

4. Classic Winter Blooms High Boots (For Women)
Who says that rubber snow boots cannot be fashionable? These Bogs boots for women defy fashion norms with bright hues and vibrant designs. What’s more, they can withstand frigid temperatures of up to -40 degrees. They are also 100% waterproof and the Neo-tech insulation keeps your feet warm and toasty. The Blossoms high boots also come in different colors. If you are looking to be able to walk in the snow on a regular basis, these boots are for you!

The Bogs boots perform well in wet and cold weather. Choose from the wide range of footwear and keep your family warm and cozy!