4 durable Red Wings boots for rough and tough work

Red Wings has been synonymous with sturdy and durable workwear boots. Made for tough jobs that require a person to stand all day and walk over wobbly and slippery surfaces, Red Wings boots have always been the choice of footwear for the rough-and-ready workmen. These workwear boots are made of leather that can weather any season (rain, snow, frost or sweltering summer heat) and working conditions: concrete floors, oil-spilled floors, unsteady surfaces, muck, water and so on.

Red Wings boots for work are made with the sole intention of protecting the feet from different hazardous work environments. The boots have been designed for everyday use as well as for extreme work use. Having initially designed for heavy industrial work, Red Wings is slowly expanding towards shoes made for everyday regular use. Here are 4 Red Wings boots that are versatile as well as durable.

Men’s LoggerMax 9-inch Logger-Lineman Boot: These heavy-duty Red Wings boots are best for those who work in the oil and gas industry and in the forestry. These boots have aggressive and strong lug sole that provide great support to your feet and stability to your posture when you have to stand for long hours. With shanks made of steel, the outsoles are resistant to heat, gas and oil spills

Men’s King Toe 6-inch Boot: These light-weight Red Wings boots have a non-metallic toe. Suitable for those in the manufacturing industry and commercial construction industry, these boots are slip resistant and protects the wearer from spills as well as electrical hazards. The fronts of these boots are quite roomy; this makes them perfect for those who have foot problems such as hammer toes.

Men’s DynaForce 6-inch Boot: These Red Wings boots have been made for people who work as trade contractors, mechanics, outdoor workers people who work long hours standing on hard surfaces. These boots are resistant to oil, chemical, heat and abrasion. With the shanks made of fiberglass, these boots provide good protection and support to your feet with steel toes. The boots’ outsole has welt constriction that provides good stability to your feet.

Men’s SuperSole 2.0 8-inch Boot: Made of Nutmeg Ebbtide leather, the SuperSole insulated well against electrical hazards and is water-proof as well. Its outer sole is puncture-resistant and protects against chemical as well as an oil spill. These all-weather Red Wings boots are suitable for winter as well as for the rains. Although it is hardy on the exterior, its inner sole is soft enough to provide comfort and give cushion support.