4 Red Wings boots for the woman on-the-go

Red Wings is mostly known to make sturdy boots for extreme work conditions in construction, mining, mechanical, forestry, oil and gas industry, mining and so on. All-weather tough boots have been the core products of Red Wings since the World Wars. The most preferred brand among the working class, Red Wings has recently started to diversify into athletic and regular-wear boots.

Historically, Red Wings has been known to make boots exclusively for men. However, they started making shoes for women from the 1920s. Marketed as Indispensable footwear for independent women, these high-endurance Red Wings boots were made to be stylish as well as durable, sticking true to the Red Wings tradition. Here are 4 of the best picks of Red Wings boots for women. These boots are very versatile; they can be worn in any season and with any outfit and ensemble.

1. Clara: The Clara is Red Wings bestseller boots for women. These heeled boots were inspired by Red wings first women’s boot called the Gloria. The Clara has been adapted from the old-school classic moc toe boots. These boots have stacked heels made of genuine leather and have a three-quarter Goodyear welt that ensures that the boots endure for many years. The Red Wings Clara boots are available in Oro Legacy Leather, Black Boundary Leather and Amber Harness Leather

2. Lillian: These ankle boots from Red Wings have been inspired by classic chukka boots that were originally designed for men who were involved in lighter indoor work. These boots have a velvety look-and-feel. This velvety sheen is due to the buffing of the top surface which is made of full grain leather. These Red Wings boots go with skirts, skinny jeans, as well as dresses. The Lillian is available in Charcoal Chinook Leather, Beige Pampas Leather and Cognac Excalibur Leather.

3. Carol: The Carol is the perfect pair of boots for the woman on-the-go. These Red Wings boots can be easily worn by just sliding the feet in the boots; no lacing or tucking required. These have elastic gusset that fit snugly and keep the feet in place while allowing easy wearing and removing of the boots. Also called Chelsea boots or Romeo, the Carol is inspired by a Red Wings women boot’s design from their 1938 catalog. The Carol is available in Amber Harness Leather, Black Boundary Leather and Oro Legacy Leather.

4. Short Engineer: With low heels and wide ankles, Red Wings Short Engineer boots were originally designed for railroad workers. These boots are simple and have minimum stitching. Similar to the Carol, the short Engineer does not require any lacing or tucking. They can be easily worn and taken off without any effort. The boots are attached with nickel buckles that can be adjusted to fit the boots snugly. The Short Engineer is available in Copper Rough & Tough Leather, Black Boundary Leather, Charcoal Chinook Leather, and Sand Mohave Leather.