5 Lift Chairs That You Can Buy Right Now

Lift chairs are a necessity if you wish to relax after a hectic day at work. Thankfully, a range of lift chairs are available in the market and you can choose a one for yourself from a range of options.

Golden Capri PR-200 Lift Chair
The listed price of this lift chair is $910 but is available for a discounted price of $599 on the 1800wheelchair website. This lift chair is made out of a maple hardwood frame and has double doweled stress points which can stand out to the stress of everyday life. The improved filter material creates a comfortable seating ambiance and is known to eliminate any kind of sagging.

The touch of a button is capable enough of raising the chair into a safe and secure standing position, thus making this one of the lift chairs which is highly desirable. This lift chair is made in the country and is shipped to your location within the country without any kind of additional charges.

The warranty on the frame is for a lifetime while the warranty on the electronic part is limited for the duration of four years.

Golden Space Saver PR 931 –MED Medium Lift Chair
The listed price of this lift chair is $1399 but the same is available for $1049 on 1800wheelchair. This is among the lift chairs which have a seamed back and forward gliding motion. This lift chair can fit perfectly in any room size.

Each of these lift chairs is handcrafted and comes with a lifetime warranty. The chair has a weight capacity of 350 lbs and comes with two-position recline type.

Pride LC-835 2 Position Wall Hugger Lift Chair
Listed for $1,649, this lift chair is available for $1,139 on different online portals and can be shipped to any location within the country in 5-7 working business days. This lift chair is comfortable and easy to operate and comes with a smooth lift system. This lift chair can handle a weight capacity of 300 lbs and comes with a lifetime warranty on frame. The warranty on electronics is however limited to three years.

The lift chair also has integrated emergency battery backup and operates on a single switch hand control which makes it unique to the core. Not only is this lift chair delivered free to your location but also comes with a one-year in-home service contract.

Pride Metro PLR 925M Vivalift
The listed price of this lift chair is $1,599 and the same is available on online portals for $1,099 and can handle a weight capacity of 375 lbs. To provide a personalized ergonomic comfort the lift chair is equipped with a power lumbar.

This is one of the unique lift chairs which come equipped with Lithium Battery Backup. This lasts for many days, unlike other lift chairs which require a frequent battery change. The lift chair comes with a footrest extension and has spring loaded ottoman for that extra comfort.

The infinite position recline chair comes with a 7-year pro-rated warranty and will be delivered at your location in the country in 5-7 working business days, once ordered online.

Pride LC 515Il Grandeur Collection
This lift chair is available for a price of $1,199 and comes with an easy to remove back along with an integrated battery backup which is of imminent use in case of any kind of power failure. The users also get an option to choose from three different fabric selections along with 7 years long prorated warranty which makes this lift chair special and unique in itself.

Premium grade laminate and hardwood frames have been used in the manufacturing of this lift chair. The recline type in this lift chair is infinite and it can be considered as a true zero gravity lift chair.

Choose from the above-listed lift chairs and make your home a truly elegant place to be in and relax to prepare for another hectic day at work.