9 tips to secure the best deals with pre-owned Dodge dealerships

Buying a used car is better than leasing a new one. And there are many ways you can compare the best deals and narrow down the top picks across popular brands. But having multiple options can also make the process confusing, thus affecting the overall negotiation. We’ve compiled together some resourceful car-buying tips for pre-owned Dodge cars to help you make an informed choice. Here are some factors to consider while shopping across Dodge dealerships.

Start with a budget
Even if you are buying pre-owned Dodge cars, set a flexible budget so you don’t go overboard. This is because you will need some extra money to spruce up the used vehicle to your liking. And we are not talking about cosmetic repairs and maintenance. Rather you’d want to set aside some money to customize the vehicle to perfection before taking it for a spin. Determine a budget, so it will be easier to negotiate the correct prices. Consider the total cost of owning a vehicle while deciding on a budget.

Check popular online aggregators
Information is readily available online on popular car deal aggregators like Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, AutoTrader, CarFax, and CarMax, among the top sites. So, you can even compare the deals available across different area codes and browse for trims sold across multiple pre-owned Dodge dealers. This step will help you narrow down and compare popular Dodge RAM 1500 trims where the price difference is visible. Note that even factors like the condition of the refurbished vehicle and the number of miles driven will significantly affect the price. So, it pays to do some research in advance.

Go for certified pre-owned Dodge (CPO) dealers
With dealerships, you need to be extremely careful while selecting from the available trims. It is better to buy from the same brand dealership because these vehicles undergo extensive checks and repairs. CPO vehicles are worth the investment because any major replacements of critical engine components and accessories are done using factory parts manufactured by the brand. So essentially., you don’t have to worry about the quality and genuineness of the vehicle.

Check for warranties
Another great advantage of buying with certified pre-owned Dodge dealers is the warranty that you get with the vehicle. CPO vehicles come with a bumper-to-bumper warranty for a certain number of miles to be driven after the vehicle is sold. Different trims of the same car will be eligible for this warranty, which not all dealerships offer. You shouldn’t miss out on these exclusive CPO benefits even if you find a lucrative deal at a non-CPO dealership. Weigh in the pros and cons to make an informative decision.

Check prices for all trims and models
Sometimes a used premium Dodge RAM 1500 model of 2022 will be cheaper than the latest base trim of the same car in 2023. The year and model of manufacturing makes a lot of difference in the price. So, you have a choice, pay more for an expensive used 2023 model or upgrade to a better 2022 trim for the same price. The decision is purely based on the cosmetic upgrades you can get for the newer and older trims.

Verify all the paperwork
It doesn’t matter if you buy a new or used one, verify all the paperwork to ensure you get an excellent clean title for the vehicle. And when you buy from certified pre-owned Dodge dealers, paperwork will not be a major hassle as all documents will be available for verification. The original title deed or lease papers for the previous owner, all maintenance and service records, and, most importantly, insurance records are essential documents you must verify before even taking a test drive.

Buy at the end of a particular quarter
Car salesmen have a quota to meet, be it for new or used vehicles. They are under pressure to move inventory to meet the sales targets before the end of the quarter. So, it is also more likely for you to get a better deal at lower prices for pre-owned Dodge cars. Check the deals online on the official website of the dealership and decide on a quote that you think is fair. The salesperson will do his or her best to accommodate you in the price range because they need to move the inventory. This is a trick that you can use at any used car dealership. Be firm with the negotiations, and feel free to walk away if the salesman is not budging on the price. You will find a number of pre-owned Dodge dealers operating out of multiple area codes within driving distance.

Secure used car financing
Many certified pre-owned Dodge dealers offer their own exclusive financing options. But you must also compare the best rates available in the market with other national banks, credit unions, community banks, and even lenders online. Check loan comparison websites for APR and tenure, and compare the total cost of vehicle financing. It is beneficial to secure financing ahead of negotiating prices because you can decide on a budget that works best for the available deals.

Check additional benefits
Buying pre-owned doesn’t necessarily mean you can not get a good deal on accessories and add-ons with the vehicle. You can still ask for accessories and upgrades and negotiate a better price inclusive of these add-ons. There is no harm in asking, even if you negotiate prices for a used vehicle.