Best cell phone companies around the US

Wireless carriers are cell phone service provider companies that help us connect to the world around us. There are a lot of factors that determine whether a cell phone company is best. The factors may include network coverage, performance and customer support. Here is a small list of best cell phone companies as wireless providers. These are the top cell phone companies in the US marketplace.

  • Verizon
    Verizon is considered one of the best cell phone companies that offer good network performance and customer- support. In addition to this Verizon now has an unlimited plan for its customers to enjoy. It welcomes rollover data on tiered plans, and there is also an option that helps avoid overage fees.
  • T-Mobile
    Last year, T-Mobile was the top best cell phone carrier service provider. However, this year it is replaced by Verizon for the first place as best cell phone wireless carrier provider. What makes T-Mobile a great option is that it provides unlimited plans and significant customer benefits. It offers a unique program for international travelers. It comes second to Verizon for the performance of network and customer services.
  • AT&T
    The network and customer support offered by AT&T are excellent but surely fall behind Verizon and T-Mobile in their performance and quality. This year this carrier too has entered the league of unlimited plans provider companies. However, the plans are not as great as those offered by Verizon and T-Mobile.
  • MetroPCS
    MetroPCS is a subsidiary of T-Mobile. It offers are a variety of prepaid plans that could be a help is saving money. Customers of MetroPCS enjoy a unique benefit of saving money monthly on their bill. Thus, it is a people choice of best network. It is recommended to use its phone support as frequent as possible.
  • Sprint
    Cell phone wireless carrier Sprint has improved its network. It offers limited customer support. However, the plans offered by Sprint are quite economical and can suit every layman’s needs.