6 simple tips to choose the best washer dryer combo

A washer dryer combo is a useful appliance as it can do the laundry without manual intervention. It is great for homes with space constraints as you don’t have to buy two separate machines. The following tips can help you pick the best washer dryer combo. Remember these when you’re out shopping for one.

Check the washing and drying capacity
The drying capacity is usually less than the washing capacity in these combo washing machines. To pick the best washer dryer combo, you must determine the required drying capacity to avoid the hassle of removing a few clothes before drying.

Pick from vented and ventless
Washer dryer combos are available in two types: vented and ventless. A ventless machine is suitable for small spaces, apartments, and condos as it allows for flexible placement, needs lesser maintenance, and is more efficient than a vented dryer. The ventless design uses a condensing drying system, while a typical vented dryer needs a vent. Some washer dryer combos also have convertible venting options, allowing you to convert the dryer from vented to ventless.

Go for user-friendly features
The best washer dryer combos come with user-friendly features like an easy-to-use LED display, child lock, and tub clean. These features make laundry cleaning more efficient and convenient.

Select a machine with high spin speeds
The machines’ drying performance will depend on the spin speed options available. To choose the best washer and dryer combo, look for a machine that comes with high spin speeds that extract more moisture. This will reduce the water left in the clothes after washing and, in turn, reduce the time the laundry takes to dry on the line.

Look for a handful of extra features
A washer dryer combo with an inbuilt heater allows washing at varying temperatures, assuring clean clothes. A washer dryer combo that features sensor-driven automatic drying programs identifies when clothes are dry, saving energy and reducing the drying time. That said, they may be more expensive, so select the features that suit your budget.

Choose a washer dryer combo with anti-vibration systems
The best washer and dryer combo will keep noise to a minimum. A machine with anything below 50dB is considered quiet. If noise is an issue, choose a washer dryer combo that comes equipped with anti-vibration systems.