Bogs’ Boot Collection

Bogs came into the market in 2002, when it introduced classic or men’s boots for use in farms. In 2006, the Kids Classics series was created. In 2007, the classics series began to feature a number of colors and women’s styles; moreover, iconic patterns were added for women, men, and kids.

In 2010, Bogs added low profile shoes including gardening-specific styles to its catalog. In May 2012, Plimsoll and baby bogs were introduced. In May 2013, rain boots as well as the Urban Farmer Line were created. In May 2014, casual leather lines were introduced. In May 2015, Bogs sandals appeared for the first time.

Bog’s wide range of boots
Work boots: Perfect for work outdoors, they include both the service industry and industry series. Work boots provide lasting comfort at any job and complete utility and comfort; they are 100% waterproof as well. Rancher, Buckman, Classic High, Classic Mid High, Roper, and Ranger are some of the work boots in the range.

Hiking boots: Hiking boots are perfect for a long walk, usually on trails or in the countryside. Tumalo, Bend Low, and Bend Mid are boots found in this range.

Snow boots: A snow boot is a water-resistant boot. Their construction enables snow boots to be used in wet weather; they can easily deal with slush and muddy environments. This means quite deep, heavy wet snow, slush, or mud. Cami Low, Cami Melange, Charlie Melange, Sydney Cravat, Classic Winter Plaid, etc. are some of the boots in this range.

Hunting boots: This range offers durability and protection for the toughest hunting conditions. It is aimed at achieving warmth without bulk. Classic High Mossy Oak, Bowman Mossy Oak, World Slam RealTree, and Valley Walker Mossy Oak can be found in this range.

Farm boots: To bring the outdoors to the concrete jungle, Bogs engineered the Urban Farmer, lightweight utility boots that are perfect for any outdoor activity. Turf Stomper, Classic High, and Roper are some of the boots in this range.

Steel toe boots: A steel-toe boot is also known as a safety boot or a safety shoe. It often has a protective reinforcement in the toe. Forge Steel Toe, Food Pro Steel Toe, Highliner Pro Steel Toe, and Turf Stomper Steel Toe can be found in this range.

Service clogs: An excellent shoe for during, after and before service, the Stewart collection of service clogs is made of 100% waterproof rubber. Bogs’ slip and chemical resistance technologies keeps one safe while Rebound technology keeps you comfortable before, during, and after service. It also boasts of DuraFresh bio technology that fights off odors.

Kids rain boots: Helping your kid stay stay dry and active during the rainy season, these lightweight, waterproof rain boots for both boys and girls are perfect for outdoor play. Made from ultra soft, flexible natural rubber, the range includes Rainboots Pansies, North Hampton Pompon Dots, Rainboots Spring Flowers, etc.

Kids winter boots: 100% durable, it will keep your kids feet as warm as toast come rain, sleet, or snow. The range includes the Classic Rosy, Classic Scale, Classic Geo, etc.

Whatever the need or the occasion, with their wide range of options, durability, and excellent material, Bogs Boots are definitely worth the choice.