Controlling eczema with popular medications and treatments

Controlling eczema with home cures and medication

Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, cracked, rough, and red. For some people, blisters may occur too. While some people are cured of this condition, some continue to have it throughout their adulthood. It is important to recognize the symptoms and seek immediate professional help to make treatment more efficient.

Symptoms to be aware of:

In adults;

  • rashes commonly appearing in the creases of the elbows or knees or the nape of the neck
  • Rashes that cause very dry skin
  • Itchy rashes that do not seem to go away
  • Rashes that look scaly
  • Skin infections caused by these rashes

Rashes differ in infants under two years and children aged two years until puberty. For infants;

  • They commonly appear on the scalp and cheeks
  • They bubble up before there is liquid leaking from it
  • Rash interferes with sleeping, and there’s a continuous itch

For children aged two years and above;

  • Rashes can be bumpy
  • They can be light or dark in colors
  • It develops a permanent itch or a knot

Some treatment approaches
While there is no cure for eczema, there are treatments that can help control the swelling, rash, itchiness of the skin, by using a mix of home cures and some doctor-prescribed medications. Some home remedies involve taking lukewarm baths, applying moisturizer on the skin within three minutes of the bath to ensure it keeps the skin hydrated; wearing cotton and soft fabrics is recommended over rough, scratchy, and tight-fitting clothes, using a humidifier in dry or cold weather, keeping fingernails short to prevent any scratching of the skin and inflammation caused due to it. Each person has their own triggers which make their condition worse, so it is important to recognize those symptoms and take control of what works and what doesn’t.

Some medications that you could be aware of when getting treated for eczema are:

Bensal HP®
It contains benzoic acid, salicylic acid, and proprietary red oak bark extract which prevents infection that is caused by bacteria. The salicylic acid in this helps the body in shedding rough or dead skin cells.

Alcortin A
A combination medicine, Alcortin A contains aloe polysaccharides, hydrocortisone, and iodoquinol. Each of these have properties which act as an antibiotic and antifungal medications to treat problems persisting to the skin.

It contains iodoquinol and aloe polysaccharides. Both of these contain antibiotic and antifungal properties that help heal skin conditions.

Containing dupilumab, this medication works by blocking certain natural proteins in the body that cause inflammation and swelling. Dupilumab is also known to belong to a class of medications called monoclonal antibodies.

It has prednisone which is known to treat skin diseases. It belongs to a class of medication called corticosteroids and works by changing the way the body responds to different medical conditions to lessen the symptoms like swelling and other allergic reactions.

With halcinonide being its component, this medication reduces swelling, itching, and redness of the skin. It also belongs to the corticosteroid class of medicines.

It is always advisable to consult a professional before using any medication involving chemicals. While some medication may work on one, it may not work on another; simply because someone could be allergic to certain ingredients in the medicine. Only use prescribed medications for your skin condition to ensure there are no side effects.