Deals on unlocked phones by eBay and Amazon

The unlocked mobile phones refer to those devices that are not tied to one specific carrier’s network. In fact, it will work on more than one service providers’ network. Purchasing the unlocked mobile phones is often considered to provide value for the money and the user gets the freedom to use the device by putting in the SIM card of their choice of network carrier. It is more reliable to buy a phone that is previously unlocked rather than buying a locked phone and then trying to unlock it. Some phones do come locked to a certain carrier’s network like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless even if the device may have not been purchased from these carriers. The two popular online purchasing platforms for the unlocked mobile phones are eBay and Amazon.

eBay offers the Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64 GB Midnight Black model unlocked at a price of $609.99 in a brand-new condition with an applicable return policy, replacement or a 30-day money back guarantee. Similarly, the other color variant of the Samsung Galaxy S9+, which is Lilac Purple and is an unlocked mobile phone of 64GB can be bought on eBay for a price of $919.99 with $74.99 shipping charges applicable. The phone also has a return or replacement policy and guarantees money back in 30 days.

eBay offers Apple’s flagship iPhone X 64GB Silver unlocked phone at $985.00. The phone has a return or replace policy and guarantees money back in 30 days.

The price offered by Amazon for the same unlocked mobile phones are also quite attractive. The Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB model is available on Amazon at a price of $817.90. The Lilac Purple color variant of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB model can be bought on Amazon for $710.99. Amazon also offers deals for the Coral Blue variant of Samsung Galaxy S9+ unlocked 64GB model at $819.46.

The 64 GB Space Gray iPhone X unlocked model is available on Amazon for a price of $1134.99. This is a brand-new handset and if one wishes to buy the same device, which is used and in good condition, then the prices will be in the range of $944.50 to $982.99. Moreover, the 256GB Space Gray iPhone X brand new unlocked model can be purchased for $1109.99.

The prices mentioned above are approximate and one must browse through eBay and Amazon for the latest cheap deals unlocked phones.