Duplicate checks and how to re-order them

Checks are an important way to complete various banking transactions. Every check book has a finite number of checks that will need to be replenished. Checks can be ordered via online banking, third-party websites and directly through banks. There are many checks that a customer can choose from based on their banking needs.

Personalization of checks and check books
The checks can be customized to fit the customers requirements and this includes the font, color and also the design on the check. This level of personalization allows the customer to easily identify their checks and also to prevent fraud. The customer is also able to have their preferred aesthetic choice and this makes the checks unique.

Single checks and duplicate checks
In the case of single checks, the check book is smaller, and in case of duplicate checks the check book is bigger. The single checks contain checks that do not have a carbon paper underneath them. Hence, they cannot be recorded. Duplicate checks contain a carbon paper under every check leaf so that they can record every transaction of the bank account holder. These checks can be reordered in the similar means as single checks, but since they have more pages they are more expensive. In terms of security, the carbon copy of the check does have all the details of the account holder with the exception that the signature is slightly blurred.

Advantages of duplicate checks
Banks do not give record of the check written; however, the transaction does appear in the account statement. But the holder does not get a record of the check given. The duplicate check eliminates the need for a check book register. Due to the carbon paper, below every check the user gets a perfect impression of the check written including the details of the check and the transaction details.

A necessity for the savvy consumer
It is possible to get a copy of the check given from the customer service department of the bank. But this is an arduous process and it is indeed easier to have the information on finger tips through duplicate checks instead. In order to reorder them, use a reputable printer service; your bank may provide this service. They are expensive in comparison to single checks, but they have their perks.

Alternate options
It is best to stick to online transactions and keep transactions through checks at a minimum. Most dealers do accept online payments and these payments will not cost extra for the account holder. Since checks are expensive and reordering them is extremely time constraining as well, adapting to online banking will put an end to payment of excess bank charges as well as eliminate various security risks. Customer transactions will be simpler and more secure.