Factors to consider while opting for portable oxygen concentrator on insurance

Oxygen concentrators are essential equipment for those who require oxygen therapy. If you are in a position where you need a portable oxygen concentrator, you must acquaint yourself with the policies of your insurance or else this could turn out to be an expensive affair.

Will the cost be covered by insurance?
If you are in the process of checking whether your insurance company will pay for your portable oxygen concentrator or not, then arriving at the right answer is not going to be an easy task. It isn’t simply a yes or no answer. Insurance companies have always paid a certain amount for all kinds of oxygen equipment. However, quite recently, the amounts provided by them is on a decline. In 2013, the insurance companies decreased the pay by as much as 50%. This step prompted most suppliers to remove portable oxygen concentrator from the vast list of insured medical products. Because it wouldn’t be financially profitable for them to provide you with a continuous portable oxygen concentrator in such a situation.

However, if you qualify under the policy guidelines, then you must know that the insurance companies have reduced rental fee option for the portable oxygen concentrators. But it is still a complex situation when it comes to availing portable oxygen concentrators under insurance.

More facts about portable concentrators and insurance coverage
Oxygen equipment of any kind is limited to a fixed rental duration of 36 months. What respiratory equipment providers do is that they provide you with the necessary machines and charge the insurance company on a monthly basis. Payment for portable oxygen will basically depend on the present condition of your health. They do not provide you with a portable oxygen concentrator at the beginning of your thirty- six-month rental period. They will wait for a few months and then based on the reports, will provide you with it, only if ‘they’ feel it is necessary.

Various portable concentrators, for example, Inogen One G3 and many others can be taken on rent via insurance. Firstly, your eligibility will be checked with your insurance company, and then the next steps will be followed in accordance to that. As soon as your eligibility is positive, then a direct contact will be made with your physician so that he can gauge whether your chosen oxygen concentrator will fit your physical condition or not. The necessary and prescribed paper works will also be provided by your doctor. Only then will you be able to rent a portable concentrator.

Various insurance companies, mainly private are also available who cover replacements which you require, such as masks, tubing, cannulas, new filters, etc. If your medical records consist of the results of the necessary tests, then some of the insurance companies will provide coverage for your equipment too. Even if the private health insurance companies are ready to provide rental, it also depends on the regulations of the medical supply companies. You need to gather knowledge that whether your preferred portable concentrator company accepts policies with insurance companies or not.

The perfect thing to do in this situation is to buy or invest in the best portable oxygen concentrator. But, while purchasing, you need to keep few things in mind. It will be a wise decision if you compare the portable oxygen concentrator reviews and portable oxygen concentrator prices, in order to select the ideal equipment. You must examine the battery life as well as the weight of the portable concentrators before making the purchase. Also, you need to ensure that the brand and the variant is covered by insurance.

So, this is a task that needs due consideration, research and talking to various providers depending on your requirement before making the decision.