Explore the majestic Arctic with these 4 luxury cruises

Traveling to a destination is one of the best parts of vacationing. While some venture on a road trip or simply take the next flight, others prefer voyaging the seas. With onboard entertainment, luxurious rooms, and breathtaking sea view, traveling to your destination on a cruise can be an exceptional experience. And this experience magnifies when you are traveling to the Arctic. So, here are some of the best luxury cruises to the Arctic.

Explore the Polar Region in style
Quark Expedition brings to you adventurous yet a luxurious cruise to the Arctic. Their newest polar-class ship – Ultramrine can board two helicopters and 20 quick deploy Zodiacs for a closer interaction with the Arctic fauna. It also has a spacious viewing deck to witness the intriguing midnight sun. The cruise is a round trip from Longyearbyen to the Arctic circle.

Adrenalin-filled Arctic Expedition
Lindblad Expeditions is offering an unmatched experience to its customers on a six-to-26-day excursion to the Arctic. The thrilling zodiac rides gives you an opportunity to become an adept photographer to catch a glimpse of the polar bears, multitudes of penguins, seals, and whales surfacing the blue waters. You can also mingle with Svalbard’s local community and experience their rich culture. The luxury cruise offers 24-hour beverages, meals on land, and even an onboard fitness center.

Unparalleled Scandinavian Excursions
Explore Scandinavian regions with Viking Ocean Cruises. The luxury polar cruise to the Arctic takes you to the most picturesque locations around Scandinavia and historic sites in the Baltic Sea and the majestic Fjords along the breathtaking Norwegian coasts. Travel back in time as the cruise also lets you explore the medieval old town of Talllinn. The luxury cruise has a spacious veranda and offers complimentary wine and beer onboard with lunch and dinner. Their Culture Curriculum® offers interactive sessions like TED Talks, Met Under the Stars, Munch Moments, and classical music performances.

Witness Abundant Wildlife and Dramatic Landscapes
Silversea Cruises Arctic expeditions lets you explore the beautiful landscapes and its fauna under the luminous midnight sun. Experience the Viking era through Iceland and Greenland excursions and witness the majestic polar bears of the Svalbard region. Zodiacs will let you hike the icebergs of the Tundra region. The length of the itinerary ranges from six to 42 days.