Google Pixel 2 vs Google Pixel 3 – which is better

So far this year, Google Pixel 3 was the talk of the town, primarily, because of the numerous leaks. Finally, the much-awaited unveiling revealed that most of the conjectures surrounding the Google flagship phone were true, especially, in terms of its design. While this latest model looks a lot like its predecessor, Google has introduced numerous changes in the phone’s features. If you are intending to upgrade or want to switch to a Google phone, continue reading to know how Google Pixel 3 compares to its previous iteration.

As mentioned before, the design of Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 3 isn’t much different from one another. Both models have a two-tone back. However, Google Pixel 2 has used a combination of glass and metal, while Google Pixel 3 has only used glass on its back. Both iterations have bezels above and below the display along with fingerprint scanner and a single-lens camera on the back. The bodies of both smartphones are water-resistant, but Google Pixel 3 has a higher rating. When it comes to the colors, Google Pixel 2 is available in black, blue, and white. On the other hand, Google Pixel 3 is manufactured in black, white, and pink.

Camera and battery performance
One thing that has considerably modified in Google Pixel 3 is the front-facing camera that uses a dual lens instead of a single-lens. Both models have an 8MP selfie camera; however, Google Pixel 3 has utilized a f/2.2 wide-angle one and a f/1.8 telephoto, whereas Google Pixel 2 manages with a f/2.4 snapper. Then again, both models’ rear cameras consist of a single-lens 12.2MP f/1.8 camera. Although Google Pixel 3 has some new camera upgrades and features, when it comes to the battery, Google Pixel 2 has a 2,700mAh, whereas Google Pixel 3 has a 2,915mAh. Additionally, Google Pixel 3 comes with a brand-new feature of wireless charging.

Operating system
When it comes to the operating system, Google Pixel 3 has an upper hand. The latest iteration is equipped with an octa-core Snapdragon 845 chip coupled with 4GB RAM. Alternatively, Google Pixel 2 comes with an octa-core Snapdragon 835 chip paired with 4GB RAM. However, both the phones come with a 128GB storage. Google Pixel 3 is also furnished with a Titan M module to keep the phone protected.

Although both models look the same, Google Pixel 3 (5.5 inches) is bigger than Google Pixel 2 (5 inches). Likewise, the newly released flagship model also has a better resolution (FHD+) than Google Pixel 2’s 1080×1920. Although both phones use the same OLED display technology.

Due to the launch of Google Pixel 3, the price of Google Pixel 2 has dropped to as low as low approximately a $100. These are expected to take a further plunge, when Google Pixel 3 hits the stores on October 18. Google Pixel 3’s is available for pre-orders and starts around the base price of about $799.