Handling waste effectively

Handling waste effectively
The process of handling waste from the phase is called as waste till its appropriate form of disposal depending upon the type of waste is called waste management. There are umpteen number of benefits of waste management right from the economical to the health benefits. Waste is generated from all possible human habitat today residential, commercial, industrial and so on. Implementation of waste management techniques in all of these kind of environments is very important. Waste management only help us have a better tomorrow with healthy body, mind and environment.

Segregation of waste
In order to handle and manage waste effectively, one needs to understand the kind of waste produced. Knowing the basics of managing the waste is as big a deal as actually managing it effectively. Broadly, waste is classified as dry and wet dry is wood, metal, lass, etc. and wet is organic waste such as leftovers. After waste is segregated, it can be sent for further processing such as recycling or being used as manure and organic nutrients for growing crops.

Re-using waste
There are umpteen ways in which you can reuse waste effectively. They are listed below:

  • Green reuse Waste such as plants, grains and anything degradable is utilized making it composts, which in turn can be used as manure for plants giving those nutrients and strength needed to yield better.
  • Refactoring of energies A process in which the waste raw materials are used to generate power, usable heat etc. by burning the materials in a controlled environment. This is also known as waste-to-energy process or the recover energy process.
  • Pyrolysis It is a process in which the raw materials are burnt to produce different gases that can be used as fuel.
  • Recycling Recycling is a process where the non-degradable raw materials such as aluminum scraps, plastic etc. are treated and reused.

Waste disposal
For all these processes to be carried out, a descent waste management and disposal process should be in place. Waste disposal ways and techniques include dumping the waste in sanitary and engineered landfills. Incinerate them in a chamber (suited for places and cities where there is lack of space for landfills), send them to waste-to-energy combustion chambers, treat it to plasma gasification, composting which is an easy and naturally bio-degradable way of converting organic wastes into nutrient-rich plant food, etc. Without a proper waste disposal method in place, none of the above can happen effectively.