How to buy a VCR player – for new users

VCR players are the gem of all times. No matter the age or generation, you would always find a VCR player in every home. VCR players are known as video cassette recorders and they can record movies and shows onto a blank tape. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to buy a VCR player, it can be especially tricky if you know nothing about them.

Most users buy 2-in-1 players which feature both VCR and DVD function. A reason for this is because VCR tapes are ultra cheap and you get them at a fraction of the cost of DVDs. To top this off, some older shows are only available in the form of VCR tapes so it can difficult to procure those in DVD format. If you want to watch exclusive old-time content, VCRs can be a great choice.

Here are a few features to look for when going shopping for a brand new VCR player:

Number Of Heads
One and two-head VCR players feature poor video recording and playback quality. A decent VCR player comes with four-heads. Four heads offer good recording feature and the video quality is amazing in these. Look for this feature for starters.

Slow Motion Playback
You should be able to play films in super slow motion whenever you want. This is a remarkable characteristic of good VCR players and they let you capture still frames and even freeze them. This, in turn, can help you look up specific scenes or hunt for that perfect moment and produce a still photo from them. You can then print and produce the photos, edit, manipulate, or do whatever you want with them by obtaining from the film.

Slow Motion Rewind
You should look for a VCR player that lets you rewind scenes in slow motion. This can be especially great if, for instance, the tape was ejected or you were interrupted in the middle of a scene. You can then fast forward a scene and playback in slow motion to get to that specific point and capture that climactic moment.

Freeze Frame
If you love studying up on your games or analyzing footage, then the freeze frame feature is a no-brainer with regard to features to look for in good VCR players. Freeze frame lets you pause the show or frame at that specific point and this can help you record or print the images. Freezing the frame will also help you take a look at it in detail and this can be especially helpful if you need to look at fine detail.

Commercial Skipping
Commercial skipping lets you skip ads when running VCR tapes. Good VCR players let you skip commercials and get past them. After all, who in the world actually likes watching commercials?