Know about the Benefits of Carpet Stain Removers

A good carpet takes significant investment. The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. After spending so much on a quality carpet, you are sure to feel disappointed when someone stains your prized possession.

Let’s face it, regular parties, careless guests, hi-wired kids and pampered pets don’t really understand the attachment you have towards the upkeep of your household (and your costly carpets). Stop moping and try using the best carpet stain removers for excellent results.

DIY disasters

Tired of DIY tips like ammonia, vinegar, baking soda, cornstarch or even shaving cream that failed miserably? Well, such “grandma’s secrets” only go so far and more often than not, end with disastrous results. Most DIY tips might just work on a light stain that you can tackle immediately, but will disappoint you if you try them on old, set stains.

To your utter dismay, you might have realized that the wrong cleaning agent didn’t just fail to remove the stain, or worse, it might have damaged the carpet fabric. Don’t experiment on your costly carpet to regret later. Use the best carpet stain removers that are professionally made using innovative stain-removal and fabric safety features to avoid disappointment and costly losses.

Different types of stains

Believe it or not, there are a wide variety of stains that need just the right mix of ingredients that are found only in the best carpet stain removers. Stains due to wine or coffee spills, tomato sauces, heavy curries, pet urine, lipsticks, perfumes, chocolate, etc., need specific cleaning agents.

Moreover, the type of your carpet fabric also plays a key role in deciding the best stain removers for you. Antique rugs need a gentler cleaning, while some hi-end synthetic fabrics have a stain-resistant property.

Deciding factors

The best carpet stain remover must suit your specialized needs. Don’t be swayed by promotions or user reviews because your needs are unique. What works for someone else might just not work for you.

Pet-specific needs

You might have just adopted a new puppy that is finding it difficult to adjust in your home. The nervous puppy pees in the house, and your carpet is not just stained, there is the bad odor that just won’t go away.

You love the dog and you are patient, but you perpetually cannot live in a smelly house and stained carpets, right? So, a stain remover with special enzyme-breaking technology will be the most suitable one.

Parties and spills

If you host a lot of parties and if stains from foods and drinks are your major concern, look at a remover that clearly specifies the types of stains it removes. Some removers may be excellent for removing wine stains, but fail to lift off heavy gravy marks.

In such a case, browsing for reader reviews to narrow down on the best carpet stain remover might be a good idea. Most people invest in a combination of stain removers so they have well-equipped cleaning gear for different stain-removal needs.

Waiting time

Another factor to consider while selecting a stain remover is the waiting time. Each stain remover will specify the waiting time after application of the product on the stain. You don’t want to wait too long.

The effectiveness of the best carpet stain remover is calculated in terms of lesser waiting time and effectiveness. However, note that the waiting time could be longer for some tough stains and it is worth the wait and money, if the end result is good.

Eco-friendly cleaning agents

The type of cleaning agents also matters a lot, especially if you have kids and pets. Strong cleaning agents might have downsides. Eco-friendly products work well in this scenario. Some stain removers do their job perfectly but leave a pungent after-smell that might be especially harmful to cats. The toxic fumes that fade away after a while might mean nothing to adults, but can be harmful for infants and pets.

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