Lease deals on second generation Chevy

General Motors on January 9, 2017, revealed the second generation Chevy Traverse model at the 2017 North American International Auto Show that was held in Detroit.

To go on sale in the summer of 2017, the second generation Chevy Traverse model was introduced as a 2018 model. Finding Chevy Traverse lease deals for this model would be tough, since it is a newly added model and the costs can run high. Moreover, not many people would be willing to lease or sell a brand new car that is new to the market.

Made available initially only in North America, the model is to go on sale in the summer of 2017, with plans to expand the Chevy Traverse to selected South American countries and also the Middle East. Expectations of Chevy Traverse lease deals is slightly higher in these regions.

Moving away from its egg shaped design, the updated Chevy Traverse comes with a new concept that is very similar to the Tahoe. Chevrolet is also calling and marketing it as a Midsize SUV since it is significantly closer to the Tahoe in design than it is to a CUV.

There are also some cues taken in from the now-mid-sized Acadia. There is the standard Chevrolet front grille design same as the Equinox, and the rear lights have been redesigned.

The dimensions are very similar to the first generation models, with an additional 2.0 inches of wheelbase and 0.7 inches more in the overall length. The second generation models are also lighter by 111 pounds and weigh overall 4362 lbs. It has held on to its status as an 8-seat or a 7-seat optional passenger vehicle.

The second generation traverse comes with five trim levels – High Country, Premier, L, LS, and LT, all of which are available in either the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) or the Front Wheel Drive (FWD) type configuration except the L trim level that is available exclusively in FWD.

Appearance packages are also to be made available for the second generation models – Redline Edition available on the Premier trim and the RS available on the LT trim.