Popular agricultural products by Kubota

Kubota Corporation is a Japan based company that manufactures heavy machinery. The organization was established in 1890. Apart from great quality tractors, the company also produces agricultural equipment, machines for construction purposes, pipes, valves, cast metal, pumps, and equipment for air conditioning and sewage treatment as well. Kubota has an expansive presence in more than 110 countries, which employ over 38,000 people.

Kubota was first introduced in America in 1969, and was an instant favorite amongst the buyers, especially because of its tractors. Over 40 years, the company has expanded in various product categories like lawn mowers, construction technology, machinery for hay, utility vehicles, and other agricultural vehicles. It main aim is to facilitate the best kind of technology for consumers involved in the food producing business.

If you are planning to buy any of the Kubota products for your business or personal use, here are some popular product categories that you should be aware of.
Kubota tractors Every brand has that one product that is its specialty, and so does Kubota. Their tractor is one of the reasons why they got so much of recognition from all around the world. The Kubota tractors offer 5 product lines, i.e., the BX series, B series, M series, L series, and TLB series. These are designed according to the specific needs of every consumer. For example, the tractor variants in the BX series are ideal for activities like light material management, gardening, towing, and home mowing. Moreover, the M series is a perfect choice for large scale agricultural tasks, ground maintenance, livestock operations, and specialty farming.

Kubota Mowers When it comes to mowers, there are 4 variants, i.e., T series, F series, GR series, and Z series. F and Z series are ideal for both commercial and residential mowing. GR and T series is a more viable choice for consumers looking for a mowing machine for their backyard.

Utility vehicles If you are looking for a compact as well as a sturdy, multipurpose vehicle then you can consider investing in Kubota’s utility vehicles. They have two alternatives, i.e., the RTV and RTV-X. Both are dependable, solid, and work great on all-terrain. If you happen to work in areas that has a rugged transport network then an RTV-X would be a great choice.

Hay equipment Kubota has a wonderful collection of hay tools including disc mowers (DM and DMC series), rotary rake (RA series), rotary tedder (TE series), balers (BV series), and wrappers (WR series). These are generally attached to the Kubota tractors for agricultural activities and maintenance.