Popular Mississippi River cruises

If you want to unwind from the routine stress by taking a break then you should be definitely cruising on the Mississippi River. There are many wonderful river cruise companies that sail through this massive waterway. Here are few of the popular Mississippi River cruise ports that you can consider for your next holiday break.

Twilight Riverboat
If you are looking for brief escape then the Twilight Riverboat is a perfect choice. These elegant, little cruises have day trips as well as overnight journeys. The one day cruise departs from Dubuque and heads towards the North to Guttenberg, and returns to the Dubuque port by evening. This day trip cruise offers breakfast, lunch and snacks.
The two-day cruise commences from Le Claire ambling towards Dubuque. The cruise captain will guide the travelers about the history of the towns, fauna and landscapes. On the second day, you will get a chance to explore town of Dubuque through museums, markets, and architecture.

American Queen
The American Queen is famously known for its classic vibe and modern functionality. This cruise offers remarkable staterooms filled with great amenities. It also has amazing gourmet food, entertainment nights, spas and gyms. They also get various experts onboard to educate the tourists about the cultural and historical significance of the Mississippi river cities. Usually the voyages last from 5 to 9 days. Depending on your cruise route you might get a chance to see ports of Baton Rouge, Francisville, Memphis, Natchez, Vicksburg, St Louis, Alton, Nashville, Pittsburg, Helena, etc.

Spirit of Peoria
The Spirit of Peoria has an amazing range of overnight cruises which lasts from two to five days. This can be ideal if you want to take vacation break of one week. Trips to St Louis, Starved Rock and Hannibal are quite popular. The cruise line offers meals, live entertainment shows such as singing, piano music, storytelling as well as excursions to the port cities. They also have an extensive range of themed cruises, sightseeing cruises, single day cruises and private rentals.

American Cruise Lines
Planning to take a long holiday, then the Complete Mississippi River Cruise by the American Cruise Lines is a wonderful option for you to explore. Exploring 10 states in 22 days this cruise vacation counts as a once in a lifetime experience. Commencing from the Lower Mississippi, i.e. from New Orleans, you will get a chance to witness big cities as well as small towns. As you travel towards St. Paul, the last leg of the journey, you will realize the diversity of various exquisite American communities and their history.