Popular models of the Honda Civic

Over the years, the Civic, belonging to the renowned Japanese automaker Honda, has established a credible reputation as one of the best sedans in the country. As a sedan, the Honda Civic offers an amazing blend of style, class, luxury, comfort, and, above all, affordability. Its sleek finish and spectacular visuals have always been a talking point among customers and car enthusiasts.

Driving a Honda Civic will give you a sense of pride, achievement, and elegance, that too at an economical cost. If you wish to own a Honda Civic at a discount rate, you can just a run Google search for “Honda Civic for sale” and you might get some desirable results. It is your call to go for a brand new Honda Civic or a second-hand car while opting to buy a Honda Civic on sale.

Popular models of the Honda Civic
Listed below are a few popular Honda Civic models along with their features, specifications, and price details. You should know about these before making a decision to purchase a Honda Civic for sale.

2018 Civic Coupe
The 2018 Civic Coupe has a sporty look with the word “sophistication” written all over it. It is an ideal vehicle offering stylish elements of glamour, panache, and adventure. Starting at a base price of USD 19,250, it offers a mileage of 28 MPG on a city road and 39 MPG on highways. It is created for the new generation with exciting features such as technologies that assist the driver and a two-door thrill. It is available in various colors such as blue, red, black, silver, green, and steel, among others.

2018 Civic Si Coupe
The 2018 Civic Coupe Si has another stunning variant of the Honda Civic. Starting at a base price of USD 24,100, it offers a mileage of 28 MPG on the city streets and 38 MPG on the highways. It offers a memorable drive with a turbocharged engine comprising 205 horsepower. It is one of the best Honda Civic vehicles in terms of performance. Along with exceptional exteriors and spacious interiors, it provides a true mix of power and aggression.

2018 Civic Sedan
The 2018 Civic Sedan is the vehicle you should watch out for if you wish to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of people. With interiors depicting luxury in every sense and exteriors that stand out, this vehicle starts at a price of USD 18,840. It provides a mileage of 28 MPG for city driving and 40 MPG on the highways.

Apart from the aforementioned 2018 Honda Civic models, you can also check out for other options on Honda’s official website, such as the Honda CR-V 2018 for SUV lovers. In order to buy a Honda Civic on sale, you could check out for the offers on the Honda Civic models on the company’s official website. You can also visit a used car showroom for finding a Honda Civic on sale.