Popular Whirlpool washers to buy this season

Whirlpool is a popular manufacturer of world class home appliances and the largest marketer of quality products across several countries, all around the globe. While all Whirlpool products are built with the most advanced technology, and rank high up in the list when it comes to reliability, and convenience, it is whirlpool washers that are the most sold appliances from the Whirlpool Corporation.

Despite several options that Whirlpool offers, buying washers is a time-consuming task, that requires a substantial amount of research. If you are looking to buy Whirlpool washers this summer, check out this list of popular options that you should just not miss.

CHW9050AW 27″ Whirlpool high-efficiency front-load washer
This commercial grade Whirlpool washer is best for use by tenants. It comes with a factory installed coin box operation system that can easily be set to read, and process card payments. The best part about this washer is that it comes with a 3.1 cubic foot stainless steel washer that is large enough to accommodate piles of dirty laundry. A stainless-steel tub is a great option if you are looking for a long-lasting product. The machine gives you an option to choose from a total of 9 wash cycles according to the type of wash load you have.

WTW8700EC Whirlpool 5.3 cu. ft. smart top load washer
This is one of the newest Whirlpool washers that has several specialties and customized wash cycles. The washer comes with smart technology, laundry notifications, and diagnostic tools that keep users alert about things like detergent overfill, unbalanced tools, and other such issues that may hamper the appliance’s performance. The washer also comes with washer cycle selections that help you select the kind of laundry you wish to wash, and the method they should be washed in.

Whirlpool 4.3 cu. ft. duet steam front load washer
This is one of the most budget friendly Whirlpool washers that you may come across this season. The washer promises to save all through the way. It comes with a smart dispenser that specializes in dispensing precise amounts of washing liquid to deliver the best results. The amount that it dispenses is done in accordance with water hardness that you program into the machine. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option that saves money, and energy, this front load washer is your best bet. The washer is known for its unique wrinkle prevention technology that retains the freshness of clothes without crumpling them. The washer also comes with an NSF certification that ensures that the washer sanitizes all clothes deeply against all kinds of bacteria, and allergens.