Reasons to buy a Compact SUV

The compact SUV have wedged themselves in-between the sedan and SUV category as they have tended to become a “crossover” of these two traditionally lauded types. The traditional compact SUVs are a big hit with the masses for the design and the comfortable driving experience they provide like an SUV and the elegance of a sedan in one package. Here are top reasons that make the compact SUV distinct as a winner:

Style: The significant difference for standing out from a sedan and SUV is that the compact SUVs have the majestic look of a well-styled sedan both in the interior and the exterior and has the mechanical components close to a full-size SUV. The crossover term is an apt definition to describe the rugged yet chiseled look that the compact SUVs generate on visual appeal. Since beauty is the first captivating visual factor and performance is the quality factor, buyers can find a lot of these two in the compact SUVs that auto manufacturers are always bringing to date on their new launches in this category.

Visibility: Having a good visibility over the front hood while steering is always a point for comfortable driving. The designing of the compact SUVs ensure that their high-raised seating position coupled with the high dimension help avoid too many blind spots, thereby leading to safer driving. Keeping the eyes on the road without hard-strained viewing in traffic gives the good vantage point for easy maneuvering.

Safety: This is a primary criterion for concern while buying a car because while short drives may seem easy, staying in a car with well-engineered dynamics is what makes the car the best. The compact SUVs designed by auto-manufacturers have passed the safety tests from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) with excellent reports in most cases. Picking a reliable car is as important as the buyer’s driving skills.

Other pro’s: Other best features in compact SUVs is that they can accommodate a large group of people, can tow heavy cargo, has good boot space, excellent ground clearance, and has off-roading capabilities.