Save on car rentals with Hertz coupons

You’re in the market for a rental car. Maybe you’re headed out on a vacation, maybe your car’s in the shop, maybe you’re moving homes, have visitors in town and need a larger vehicle. Or else you’re traveling for work, and need to rent a car so you can get to meetings and indeed, even get from the airport to your hotel. All the major car rental agencies have kiosks and car rental from the airports themselves. And to make sure you are getting the best pricing, offers, and discounts, you should get online and do research both on a car rental agency’s own website, and check out those websites that offer deals (like Groupon) or have discount coupons (like Coupon Sherpa). Top rental car services also have corporate memberships and accounts, as well as offers for those on their mailing lists. All you have to do is sign up to receive the communiques, and make sure to print or scan the codes they send you, at the time of your rental.

Let’s take the case of Hertz, one of the most established and well-known names in the rental car business in the US. Hertz has special levels, like their Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, which is free to join and gives those in the know special, additional discounts. Hertz also offers exclusive discounts for drivers over the age of 50, and business travelers can avail of specific discounts with Hertz Business Rewards. Hertz coupons are available even for sports cars and luxury high-end rentals, or what they refer to as Adrenaline and Prestige rentals. A quick search online, and you will find offers of up to $100 off on such rentals. And even if you are just in the market for a normal rental and don’t want the hassle of signing up or don’t have the time to expend on a lot of research or online searching, taking just five minutes to look will throw up some specials. At the very least you can make use of a 10% off on your weekday or weekend rental!

Now, there are some things to keep in mind. The discounts will vary by city and town, and you should check if the coupon you have works. Also, you can make use of the car rental discount coupons even when you are traveling outside of the United States, as Hertz has promotional discounts and offers in other countries in Europe and the U.K., and even New Zealand and Australia.