Sprint – iPhone forever and unlimited plans

Sprint iPhone Forever and unlimited plans

As a part of its new strategy, Sprint introduced iPhone forever, which is simply a great evolution of its iPhone plans in order to introduce the phone leasing program to customers. Thus, it is even more important to lease the new and highest iPhone with a minimal monthly fee. It is also a great way to obtain and own iPhone 7 32 GB at a very low price. You can even adopt sprint, change your current Smartphone, as well as iPhone 7 over the house. Similar to the earlier versions of the iPhone forever, it will be easy to upgrade your phone to the latest iPhone anytime by following 12 lease payments.

Sprint’s unlimited plans

Sprint also offer unlimited data, including unlimited calls and text for about $50 per month for the first line; while for two lines, you will get $40 per month; and $30 per month for four lines.The service providers will even promise unlimited plan which encompasses HD streaming for the Videos, as well as music, and gaming, etc. Even you will get 10GB per month for every line of the mobile hot-spot data.

Sprint’s program looks similar to T-Mobile’s latest monthly device payment program. While this plan allows you to make a better choice of handsets and thereby allows subscribers to upgrade their phone into a new phone for approximately up to three times in a year. But, it holds the phone cost into monthly payments (for example: 16GB iPhone 6 costs about $27 per month). Hence, if you’re searching for a latest iPhone, you can go with the Sprint mobile.

Sprint’s family unlimited data compared with T-Mobile

If you’re searching for a similar five-line unlimited plan, you can find T-Mobile’s One Family offer which provides you five lines of unlimited talk, text, as well as data for $180 per month. While, the video speeds are too slower at 480p but, the plan also include unlimited use in the Mexico and Canada, with the unlimited international texts, as well as unlimited 3G mobile hot-spot use.

T-Mobile customers can simply upgrade to HD video streaming, and you will get about 10GB of 4G LTE monthly (hot-spot) use per line, and when you check with the one Plus family plan, you can currently find $205 per month for about five lines. With Sprint, customers get unlimited T-Mobile plans which may also lead to restricted data speeds in traffic times in case these exceed more than 30GB of 4G LTE use per month.