Time to maintain patio furniture seat cushions

Your outdoor space speaks a lot about you, your taste, and your personality. A favorite summer hangout spot, patio furniture along with its seat cushions help you soak the sunlight while sipping your tea. If you plan on having a barbeque dinner for your friends, it’s time you freshen things up with a little facelift.

Even if your garden furniture is a couple of years old, don’t worry. With new patio furniture seat cushions, you can change the entire look. Remember, to ensure an extended lifespan of your furniture, put patio-furniture seat cushions when you’re going to use them. After use, wipe down your seat cushions to remove dirt, dust, or salt deposits before storing them, and always give them enough time to dry to prevent mildew formation.

Never leave patio furniture seat cushions on for a long time for the extreme weather conditions can take life and color out of them. To ensure that your garden furniture keeps looking like new, regularly cleaning the seat cushions is essential. You don’t have to wait for summers to give it a good clean. Wash your patio furniture seat cushion covers every season. Remember, never wash the foam insert. If it gets wet, there are high chances of mold growth and foul smell.

Another way to cut down on cleaning time is appropriate storage of cushions during the winter. Use airtight containers. Never wrap your patio furniture seat cushions in plastic or store them in bin bags, else mold and mildew will grow faster with air trapped inside the plastic.

The best way to store your patio furniture seat cushions is to store them in airtight containers with a few cedar balls. Thus, bugs, spiders, mildew, mold growth, etc. are effectively avoided. Cedar balls also give a long-lasting fresh fragrance to the seat cushions and prevent any build-up of mustiness.

A rigorous inspection will reveal whether you need new cushions, regardless of tufted, foam, or deep-seating sets. Aesthetic value and functionality are of equal importance.

There are times when your cushions lose its shape. Malformation or disproportionality in can make furniture look undesirable. For the furniture to stand out, check its form first. Patio furniture seat cushions should keep the original perimeter shape for the furniture. Their purpose is to cushion the seats and make seating comfortable. Therefore, there should be sufficient padding in the seat cushion to ensure comfort even after sitting on it for 30 minutes. Similarly, back cushions should be soft to be able to provide ease to the back.

Another point to keep in mind is to buy fabric that is durable and all-season perfect. Furthermore, the material of the cushion covers should be such that it can be cleaned with ease and does not lose its color in a wash or two. Moreover, the seams and fabric should have closed stitching with no loose or frayed ends.

Patio furniture is expensive and, therefore, requires similar, if nor same, attention as that of the sofa in your living room. The elements mentioned above can cause havoc on your patio furniture seat cushions even if they are designed to stay outside; therefore, they must be maintained extra care.