Tips for decorating your 12 ft pre-lit Christmas garland

Many preparations and decorations need to be done during Christmas. By the time Christmas rolls in, your decorations should be done, gifts for family and friends should be done and above all your Christmas tree should be in place. Many of us buy new things and new lights for our Christmas decorations. However, what do we do when we have many Christmas garlands lying around? Be it a short pre-lit garland or a 12 ft pre-lit Christmas garland; there are many ways to use them for decorations. Right before Christmas, you can find Christmas garlands for sale. Christmas lights can be found at your local store or any online store for great prices during a sale.

Tips for decorating your pre-lit Christmas garland
For people who have an excess of small or 12 ft pre-lit Christmas garland know the pain of finding ways to decorate these garlands. Here are some tips for you, if you too have an excess of these garlands:
Door decorations: With longer garlands, it is always easier to use to around door. This can be done by adding a layer of huge Christmas leaves string or with other smaller decorations. Christmas lights around the door will give you a brighter and prettier way of using the Christmas lights. You can decorate indoors as well in the same manner.

Staircase railings: It is always better to have a well-lighted Christmas. Another way of decorating your Christmas lights is to wrap them around your staircase railings. These lights can be used separately or can be added to some base to add more volume to the lights.

On Christmas trees: There is nothing better than using pre-lit garlands on Christmas trees. Christmas trees are simply made for being decorated with lights. You can use different colored lights if you like or you can use same colored lights.

Flower pots: Be it hanging pots or stationary pots, indoor, or outdoor flower pots, you can add a string of lights to them. These Christmas garlands can be added without further additions to the flower pots or added with other things such Christmas leaves and Christmas ornaments to add more decorations to the lights.

Mantle decorations: Christmas is one such holiday where we cannot get enough of holiday lights. Another way of using Christmas garlands for decorations is to use them around your mantle. Add some amazing ornaments to the lights and make it more pleasing.

Using up a vast collection of small and 12 ft pre-lit Christmas garland seems like a task. But once you get down to decorating, you will find that it is easier to use decorations with the lights, and it is easy to put them to good use.