Tips on writing a personal message on birthday cards

Giving birthday cards is quite conventional now as we are so much more comfortable just sending out GIFs on instant messengers and other social media apps. But do you remember the days when you used to get a card from your loved ones and you used to stack them up for time eternity? A virtual message may get deleted and lacks a personal touch. However, going through a birthday card sent by your loved one can instantly bring up many sweet memories. It’s not just about picking a birthday card and giving it out to the person you love, you also need to add a personal touch beyond the printed message and pictures on the card. Those words are what makes a card worthwhile.

Here are some special pointers to give you the inspiration to pen out a personal note on the next card that you give out.

If your card already has a long message on it and you do not want to clutter it, then instead of just saying “Happy Birthday”, you can add a few words in a different way, probably stating a few words for success and motivation, or even express what they mean to you. Make sure that what you add is not repetitive of the message already on the birthday card, and add words that really mean something instead of just a hasty message. Taking a few moments to write shows that you really value the relationship with the person.

If the person is celebrating a milestone birthday such as 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 or the centenary 100, then the birthday card has to be all the more special. When making a car, add a word of motivation and make sure the note you add on the birthday card celebrates life, this will make all the difference for them on that special day.

In case you have forgotten anyone’s birthday, one way to apologize for a missed birthday and wish them late is by giving them a birthday card. This simple gesture shows that even though you missed a birthday, you put in efforts to make a card, and most importantly took the time to write a personal message.