Top 4 Flat Screen Televisions In The Market

If you are looking forward to buying a flat screen television, ideally opt for a 65-inch flat screen TV. It would be most suited for a midsize living room and you will always be able to enjoy your favorite movies from the comfort zone of your home. Listed below are some of the popular 65-inch flat screen TVs which you can ideally purchase for your home.

  • Sharp 65 Inch Flat Screen TV
    In case your budget does not allow you to experiment much, the Sharp 65 Inch Flat Screen TV could be your best bet. The flat screen TV is available for a price of $699 in the US market and can be purchased ideally from any nearby retail store or can be purchased online through Amazon or any other similar web platform. The 4K resolution of this 65 inch flat screen TV enables clear images to reflect through the screen. The television is equipped with Roku interface which enables the user to stream a range of television shows and movies, thus converting your television into a home theatre. In addition, you will also get three HDMI ports which offer additional consoles for your HD devices and playing games through the console.
  • Hisense 65 Inch Flat Screen TV
    The Hisense flat screen TV is smart indeed as you can connect to the internet and stream movies. A distinct feature of this 65 Inch Flat Screen Tv is 4K UHD upscaling as it improves upon the lower resolution by converting the same to 4K. You can enjoy watching the television from multiple angles as it has a 176 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles. You can always connect your digital camera, USB devices and camcorder to the flat screen television to convert it into a personal memory storehouse. This television is available for a price of $729 in the market.
  • Sony 65 Inch Flat Screen TV
    This 65-inch Flat Screen TV is available for a price of $1099 in the US market. The television is equipped with a slim backlight drive which enables the light to pass through to various regions of the television as and when needed. Extra brightness or deep contrast can be enabled in the television through the help of this feature. The television can be considered a modern marvel indeed as the users’ favorite apps can be made to cast in the television through Google Cast and voice search feature which makes the same a true powerhouse of entertainment. Chromecast has been built into this television and this allows the user to cast their favorite shows, movies, and music on the television. The Google Cast app can also be downloaded alternatively and connected to the television to enjoy shows, movies, and music as the case might be. You can also block channels and content that you feel is unwarranted for your children when you are outdoors in this 65 Inch Flat Screen TV.
  • SunBrite 65 Inch Flat Screen TV
    If you are living in a cold state like Alaska which experiences harsh winters, the 65-inch Flat Screen TV from SunBrite could be the best option for you to consider. This due to the fact that it has been engineered to function in varying climate which includes a low of -24 degrees F to a high of 122 degrees F. The television is equipped with LED backlight and anti-glare technology which helps deliver clear and bright content which is four times sharper and clear than the full HD in any normal television. The television has a rust-proof aluminum exterior which protects the same from snow, humidity and other adversities of nature. This television from SunBrite is available for a price of $7,999 which is on the higher side compared to other options available in the market. However, considering the innovative features and functionality of this television, the investment can be a savior in the long run.