Top 5 Oakley sunglasses to buy

Oakley has always been famous for its wide range of stylish sunglasses. From sturdy outdoor glasses to fabulous pool party shades, Oakley has sunglasses for everybody. However, with a zillion options out there, it can get difficult to pick the right sunglasses. Therefore, to help one make a choice, we have put together a list of the top five best Oakley glasses of all time.

Oakley Flak® 2.0 XL
The Oakley Flak® 2.0 XL is a lightweight, simple design that provides all-around eye protection. It provides wide coverage, making it a great choice for sportspersons. It is available in a variety of lens types such as Photochromic, Standard, and Prizm™ Polarized. One can also customize the sunglasses with different colored lenses. These Oakley Flak 2.0 polarized lenses cost $214 on Oakley’s official website. 

Oakley Crosshair
These fashionable sunglasses are a great pick for those with round and oval faces. Made from C-5™ alloy, it is lightweight yet durable and comfortable, even when one is sweating or during vigorous activity. You can also get a pair of Oakley glasses with prescription lenses. The Oakley Crosshair™ costs $184 and can be returned within 100 days for no extra cost.

Oakley Sylas
The Oakley Sylas makes for a perfect everyday pair of sunglasses. One can get a variety of customization options on the lenses, including prescription lenses. It is built using a special technique called Three-point Fit that enables a secure fit. These sunglasses are lightweight yet durable and stylish. Be it golfing, an outdoor party, or driving, these sunglasses make a comfortable choice for every occasion. They cost $172. 

Oakley Latch
The Oakley Latch™ sunglasses are crafted using durable materials making them a fantastic choice for outdoor enthusiasts. They are lightweight, super-flexible, and come with a clip-hinge mechanism, so one can take them off and clip them securely on their T-shirt, and put them on seamlessly. These sunglasses can be worn outdoors in rough conditions and temperatures. They cost around $173.

Mainlink XL
This versatile pair of sunglasses comes with a firm grip making it suitable for any activity, including sports. It is lightweight, durable, and stylish to wear due to its O Matter™ frame material. These are larger compared to the previous Mainlink™ model. This pair is also available in prescription lenses and several different colors. The Mainlink™ XL costs around $214.

Oakley also has a Oakley Standard Issue membership program for the U.S. Military and Government personnel that gives them exclusive access to Oakley products and direct pricing on Oakley sunglasses with military discount.