Top Four Macy’s Coupons

Macy’s is one of the most famous retail stores in the country. At Macy’s, you can get almost everything you need in your daily life, from beauty products to wedding dresses, from shoes to men’s apparel, from kitchen utensils to beds and beddings, etc. Macy’s provides great deals on several products. At different times of the year, Macy’s offers different coupons and promo codes to attract customers. You can receive these Macy’s coupons from websites like Groupon, Retail Me Not, Macy’s, etc. These Macy’s coupons offer discounts and deals on various kinds of products. Some of these coupons are described below:

  • VIP Sale
    You can utilize this coupon by entering “VIP” into the space for promo codes. You can get an extra 30% discount on selected products such as clothing, lingerie, shoes, home items, and jewelry. With this coupon, you can get receive an extra discount of 25% on select watch brands. Additionally, this coupon will provide you with a 15% discount on cosmetics and fragrances. You can get a 10% discount on some products in the furniture, small appliances, rugs, and mattresses section.
  • Select Handbags Eligible for Six Months Financing
    With this coupon, you will get an offer of financing for six months with no interest and no down payment. This coupon will be applied if you will purchase products with Macy’s credit card, and the handbag’s price should be over $200. This offer is valid for only a few days.
  • Swarovski Jewelry
    For utilizing this coupon, you do not need any promo code. According to this coupon, you will get two pieces of Swarovski pendant sets when you purchase any product by Swarovski that costs more than $100.
  • Star Money Days
    According to this coupon, all the members of Macy’s star rewards program will get 10 bonus points on every $1 purchase by the membership credit card. These bonus points can be utilized to buy different Macy’s gift boxes, beauty boxes, gift cards or at any restaurant at Macy’s store. But you cannot exchange these bonus points for cash. Each of these star money rewards can be redeemed within one month from the issuance date. Another condition is that you cannot redeem this coupon on different brands of different products.

You can also get several Macy’s coupons for beauty products, leggings, lingerie items, and jewelry, etc.