Understanding The Evolution Of The Apple Ipad

Apple is the leading electronics companies in the country and with the launch of each new model; the model sets a new benchmark for itself. Apart from launching iPhones, the leading organization has invented iPads that are one of the remarkable instances of development of technology.

What is an iPad anyway?

iPad is a tablet that is manufactured, designed and developed by Apple Inc. that can operate on the iOS operating system. The multi-touch screen of the product along with Wi-Fi connectivity and other enticing features has attracted people’s attention in buying it. Over the course of time, Apple has kept running the development of iPad which leads to release of iPads every now and then having better performance capability and improved specifications.

History of iPad

The inception took place in the 20th Century; however, the prototype came to life in the 21st Century. Apple iPad has gone through some serious development that has always lived up to cater people’s needs and demands.

1991 – The work of iPad began in the year of 1991 when Jony Ive, the chief designer of Apple designed the prototype of iPad. The prototype looked like a slate computer with a stylus. However, the work took place in full swing after 2004.

2010 – The first model of iPad was launched in 2010 by Steve Jobs.

2011 – The company launched iPad 2 that had better specifications than the previous model. The third-generation of Apple iPad was launched with 4F connectivity.

2012 – New versions of iPad were introduced during this period in which Apple maximized the storage capacity. Later, iPad Mini was introduced that had smaller screen size compared to other iPad models.

2013 – iPad Air is a thinner and lighter version of previous tablets which eventually replaced the fourth-generation of iPad.

2016 – iPad Pro came to the market which resembled the design of an actual computer with a stylus and keyboard.

Which one is the perfect iPad for you?

When you consider buying an electronic device, there are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind. Screen size, speed, and portability are the factors that you look for while buying the iPad and here is detailed account of the factors related to iPad,

  • Speed
    Apple made sure that technology was being driven on the right path as with each model, the performance of iPad became faster. The new iPad has 19 processor chip and the iPad Pro has A10x Fusion processor. Additionally, the iPad Mini has an A8 processor that does not perform too badly either.
  • Battery Life
    iPad Mini comes with 5,124 mAh, iPad Pro with 10,875 mAh and iPad that came out in 2017 has 8,827 mAh battery life. Every model has different battery life because the manufacturer made sure that with the development technology, there was an impact of technology on the battery life of the devices as well. However, if the customer makes use of the device constantly, the battery life is susceptible to get over within the mentioned time.
  • Size
    Each of the iPad comes with different screen sizes. The iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch screen, iPad Pro has 10.5 inches and the larger iPad large comes with 12.9-inch screen size. If you like to get an amazing movie experience or read eBooks conveniently, then the large iPad Pro can be the ideal option for you. However, picket pinch can be an issue as this one is the costliest in the market.
  • Portability
    This is one of the main factors as the whole point of using an iPad is to carry it around with an ease. As the large iPad is huge in size, it can be often an issue to carry it around with full convince. On the contrary, iPad Mini is one of the convenient choices as it is the very lightweight and its body is smaller in comparison to others. For traveling, you can slide iPad Mini in your pockets and continue your work anywhere you like.

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