Ways to detect and stop a signal jammer

Signal jammers are designed to interfere with and block signals sent or received by mobile phones. They can also cause issues with the WiFi, radio frequencies, and cell phone boosters. It can be difficult to communicate on your phone if it is affected by this device, as the best signal jammers are very strong and effective. They can disrupt signals in a large area and are not detected easily. Let us understand how to tackle it if you are in a similar situation.

How do you detect a signal jammer?
The most obvious way to know if a cell signal jammer is active in your area is to check if you have service on your phone. Also, try to check with people near you if they are facing the same concern, as jammers interfere with the reception of all cell phone devices within a particular area.

You can also download apps that can detect signal jammers. However, these apps are not proven to be effective and need an uninterrupted signal to function. Only people with access to highly advanced, military-grade devices can properly detect a signal jammer. Hence, an untrained individual cannot be completely sure if a jammer is being used.

How to stop a signal jammer?
Many of the best signal jammers look like a cell phone or a wireless router. If you can locate the jammer, disabling it is the easiest way to stop it from interfering with your phone reception. Signal jammers work by sending out powerful frequencies that block the signal between your phone and cell towers. If you are able to switch the frequency your phone operates on, you might find a signal that is not intervened. However, this method also depends on the signal jammer as a high-grade one can block all frequencies. The average range of a signal jammer is 30 square feet. So, moving away from the signal can help return the reception on your phone.

The use of cell phone signal jammers is illegal in the country. So, if you suspect that a jammer is used in your area, you can contact officials or file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The offense of an individual found to be operating, marketing, or selling any kind of device that interrupts signals and radio communications is punishable as per Federal law. If caught, the person can be fined, imprisoned, or even both.