What factors make best cellphone companies

There’s no one answer as to which is the best cellphone company are the best, as the parameters on which they are measured are huge in magnitude. Parameters as significant as processors and as menial as the volume rockers can make or break a brand.

Cellphone companies are popular region wise. The criteria or the factors that make a best cellphone company is the durability of the phone, it’s battery power (you would not like to carry an extra power bank for your phone every time you are traveling for longer duration).

The processor of the phone and the number of cores it comes with. More the number of cores better the performance and background data handling. The phone memory also plays a key role. Since the onset of cloud storage, where you can link your phone data with other peripherals or simply with an email account, people these days do not prefer buying a separate external memory card for their cellphone. Hence, cell phones with larger phone memory are preferred these days. A phone with good camera of double digit mega-pixels and ‘SLR’-like zooming qualities alone can put a phone into ‘best cellphone’ category.

Cellphone companies are also rated in terms of what cellphone plans they provide. Maximum free calls with unlimited cellular data at a fixed price is a great deal. The best cellphone companies normally come with mobile carriers that have an average rental of $50 a month with an average 3GB of data. Another crucial factor that makes a best cell phone company is the resale value. of the cellphones. If the cell phone has parts with good longevity, it will certainly perform well for good 5 years. So, if you are the one who likes to upgrade your gadgets with the latest technology, buy a cell phone with great resale value so that it can give you a good price which you can use to buy a new phone.

Some of the best cellphone companies in the US include; Apple. With its latest offering of 32/128/256GB flavors, it offers 3GB RAM with a quad core processor of 2.34GHz and a 12MP rear and a 7MP front camera. Samsung being, a Korean cell phone company has manufactured and sold a good number of cellphones in the market. With their phones mostly using snapdragon processors, Samsung offers some of the efficient phones. Galaxy s7, Galaxy note 5 and Galaxy S6 are some of its popular phones.

Motorola being another American multinational is also one of the best cell phone companies. Motorola has had its share in the US cellphone market by churning out some of its popular phones like Moto G, Nexus etc. They mainly made budget phones with superior processing quality that people from every walks of life could afford and use.