Where to look out for appliances sale

A new home, a kitchen makeover and appliance sales – there are plenty of reasons to get new home appliances. Most home-owners are skeptic about investing in new appliances due to massive costs. But others wait for discount sales to get the best bargains. Here are top tips for those of you who want to get their hands on discount appliances.

Wait for the shopping season
According to consumer experts, the shopping season which is post-September is the apt time to shop for appliances since stores put the older models on sale to make room for the newer ones. For instance, Sears appliance sale during this period can get you discounts between 20% to 90% on various appliances.

Heavy coupons and discounts are distributed during weekends and special holidays such as Labor Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. But only a few select hold an appliance sale during these holidays. Keep an eye out for holidays and discount deals. Some stores will also offer free installation and free delivery during such sales. Make sure to not miss out on the freebies!

Refrigerators in May
In the case of fridges, most manufacturers introduce newer models in spring hence stores slash prices in May to move them out as soon as possible to accommodate the new merchandise. Apart from offering amazing discounts as much as 50%, some stores sell the newer models at 25% discounts to arouse interest.

Refrigerators are one of the most costly home appliances. For instance, a double-door premium refrigerator model from a reputed brand can cost you somewhere around $9000. So if you are thinking about replacing your old one, we suggest you wait until May to make the best use of an appliance sale. If you are lucky enough, you could get amazing deals in a matching dishwasher or a cooker top.

Cooking and doing laundry happens almost every day. These activities take up most of our cleaning time as well. Hence, it is wise to invest in reliable brands that offer quality products. An appliance sale is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on the best products at an affordable price.