Why you must wear safety boots at work

Industrial and construction work sites have inherent hazards. This does not mean they’re unsuitable workplaces, just that you must take precautions and be safe. People working in the construction industries need to protect their feet from falling heavy equipment, molten metal, and chemical spills. Not to mention the hardware like nails and screws that are often strewn about on the floor. Red Wing manufactures excellent work boots that meet the rigors of the job.
Safety boots are mandatory on building sites and must be worn. The type of safety boot is dependent on the extent of risk you might face at the workplace. If you’re on the floor, melting iron in the furnace and putting it into molds to make steel ingots, the safety boots that you wear must be heat resistant with the ability to repel the molten metal, in case it spills on the floor.

Role of Safety Boots
Protect Your Feet From Falling And Flying Objects
When there is a lot of heavy machinery operating and workers are carrying heavy materials, there is danger that heavy objects may fall and injure your feet. Steel toe boots can prevent crushing injuries of the foot. It the recommended that workers in heavy engineering industries wear steel toe boots as part of personal protective equipment.

Keep Your Feet Safe From Cutting Hazards
Machinery contains sharp moving parts that can cause deep cuts. If you work in the logging industry, a chainsaw accident can have disastrous results. So, logging boots, are constructed of cut-resistant material and are also water repelling.

Protects from Punctures
Sharp objects on the work floor are common. There is the risk of stepping on sharp objects and injuring your foot. Safety boots have heavy duty soles and are made of thick material that will protect your feet.

Protects from Electrical Risks
Electricity is needed to power the machinery and equipment. It also poses grave danger to people who can become victims of electric shocks. At times, static charge is also present which can cause sparks in some environments. Boots made of non-conductive material like rubber and leather help to avoid electricity hazards.

Prevents Burns
Chemicals, molten metal, and other dangerous substances can cause burn injuries on the skin. Shoes made of durable material can keep dangerous liquids off your feet. They also have tight ankle fastenings so liquids can’t pour into the boot.

Prevents Trips and Falls
Shoes with the right traction and tread can give your feet good grip and help prevent injuries due to falls and slips. The right pair of work shoes give adequate balance and reduce the pressure on the feet which improves productivity.

Wearing safety boots is a mandatory safety standard to be followed by all employers. Don’t leave your health and safety up to chance.